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Written Testimonials

5 years ago you were so honest with me and told me you would not be willing to touch my brows until I do some laser removal first as I had work done by a previous tech elsewhere. I took your suggestion and did some laser removal sessions before coming back. It was well worth the wait! I love my new eyebrows so much! I have been so anxious and patiently waiting over the years to get them re crafted by you! I love Dev Do & her honesty and she does beautiful work and always makes sure that the client is happy with the outcome. Don’t be afraid to say if you don’t like something she will work with you so that you are happy and guide you with her professional background and opinion. I am anxious to see how they look once healed and re touched, can’t wait! Cheers to less time in the bathroom each morning. - Felicia C.



I cannot rave about Dev's work enough. I was so afraid to get my eyebrows done after seeing some really bad photos that were posted from other places and because I hate needles so much.  I kept seeing photos of Dev's work from other clients and I knew if I ever decided to do it, she was the only person I would trust.  I finally did it about a year and a half ago and I am so happy that I did.  They came out so natural and the sensation is more like scratching, not a needle feeling at all. It is honestly life changing to no longer have to have an eyebrow pencil with me at all times. I used to travel for work and panic if I thought I forgot one.  Dev is a true artist and her salon is beautiful and very clean.  Drive from wherever you are, you will not be sorry.



Dev is the most professional, thorough, and conscientious beauty professional I have ever had the pleasure of receiving services from. She is warm, friendly and puts her clients at ease from the moment you walk through the door.  She sets an incredibly high standard for the services she provides and client satisfaction is of her utmost concern. I would highly recommend her without any reservations and I feel incredibly lucky to have found her! My eyebrows have never looked so amazing and I am complimented frequently. Dev is truly THE best!! - Mary H.



This place is amazing and the owner and staff are so kind!!  I had a bad experience with microblading a few years ago , and Dev completely helped me to love my brows again !!!  The pigment that the last person used on my faded to an un-natural reddish tint. Dev worked carefully to rectify what the last person did, and I couldn't be happier.  She had me in three times to make sure it was perfect !  To anyone who has ever questioned getting it done because they are afraid it hurts , DO IT !! I am the biggest baby and it did not hurt at all !!! - Desira P.



Dev is a perfectionist that perfectly engineers your eyebrows to look natural and perfectly fit your face! I loved for years now embarrassed due to a health condition from loosing them! She restored my confidence and no one knows what I did just says how much younger I look. - Dawn M.



Very professional, kind, patient. Dev shows excellent judgement regarding eyebrow shape, color, design and size.

Results exceeded my expectations!! - Shannon W.



I had no eyebrows before I came to see Dev! The tattoo process stung a little but it was a very tolerable pain (she uses numbing gel to help alleviate this). She is so precise and really understands the precision and mathematics involved with creating eyebrows that are custom to each clients bone structure. I spent so many years ashamed of my face and poorly drawing in my eyebrows. And I was lucky, in addition to the tattoo the process helped to break up scar tissue and stimulate the pores so that my eyebrow hair grew back! Now I have brows with both hair and tattoo that blend seamlessly. All I need now is regular waxing appointments every few weeks. I did this process in fall 2020 and about 10 months later my brows still look great. Both eyebrows now are even better than the ones I was born with! I highly recommend this salon for Microblading! - Anonymous





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